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Acute Pain Service

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. This webpage should help provide information about the pain control services offered at St. Vincent Hospital. There are fourteen physicians, all anesthesiologists, who share responsibility for managing pain at St. Vincent's. We are available to our patients 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year - there is always someone available to help you with pain relief.

What is an acute pain service? And for that matter, what is acute pain?

An Acute Pain Service is a team of doctors and nurses dedicated to studying and relieving pain for patients in a hospital. Acute pain is defined as pain from a recent surgery, injury, or medical illness. The pain is usually short lived, can be treated immediately, and will resolve with time. If you are planning to have surgery, make sure you discuss pain control options with your surgeon and anesthesiologist prior to surgery.

There are many options available to patients experiencing pain after an operation. The option(s) chosen depends partially on patient comfort, preferences, and the location of the pain in the body. Pain control options include: oral or intravenous (I.V.) pain medications, patient controlled analgesia (PCA) machines, spinal block, epidural block, and peripheral nerve blocks. The physicians on staff with the Acute Pain Service at St. Vincent Hospital are skilled in the use and administration of all of these methods of pain control and will work with you and your surgeon to provide a pain control strategy tailored to your specific needs. I would like to refer you to two excellent web sites which will help further explain these different options. We are happy to have the opportunity to care for you during your stay with us! I hope you find this information helpful.

The web pages are:
The Management of Pain

Stanton M. Angermeier, M.D.
Director of Acute Pain Services

Obstetrical Anesthesia Services

Welcome to the Obstetrical Anesthesia Section of St. Vincent Hospital and Health Services. The anesthesia department provides coverage to the Family Life Center and are in house 24 hours a day. The staff consists of board certified anesthesiologists who are familiar with current methods, medications, and strategies used to improve patient satisfaction while providing safety for both mother and baby.

From routine labor and delivery to the most complex and high risk obstetrical situations, our staff are available and capable.

The delivery of your child can be one of the most important and gratifying experiences in a woman's life. We are dedicated to making this experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Please feel free to access the following links:

James Hoffman, M.D.
Director of Obstetrical Anesthesia

Pediatric Anesthesia

Our core group of dedicated anesthesiologists provides anesthesia for elective and emergency neonatal and complex pediatric surgeries. This includes general surgery, cardiothoracic, craniofacial, ent, gastroenterology, orthopedic, spine, neurosurgery, and urology. Parental anesthesia questions and concerns are addressed prior to surgery. Techniques to ease separation anxiety are also available, when necessary, in the preoperative period. If postoperative pain is anticipated, the options for pain control are also discussed with the parent at this time. Our pediatric anesthesia group is committed to giving the highest quality of medical and personal care to our young and often fragile patients.

Please browse this link for answers to frequently asked questions.
When your child needs anesthesia