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Notice of Privacy Practice

Northside Anesthesia Services ("NAS") uses its own Notice of Privacy Practices ("NPP") at facilities where NAS is not part of an Organized Health Care Arrangement ("OCHA").  The link to NAS' NPP is listed below.  However, at certain facilities, NAS is part of an OHCA with the facility, and we use those facilities' NPPs.  An OHCA is an arrangement that can include a specialty provider, such as anesthesiologists, which agrees to follow the privacy practices of an institutional setting such as a hospital or surgery center.  If you are having a procedure done at one of the listed facilities below, click the link for that facility, and it will direct you to the NPP used by NAS and that facility.  If your facility is not listed below, NAS will be using its own NPP which you can select below.

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